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About Oodles of Doodles

Oodles of Doodles makes painting FUN again!  Everyone can do it!  With step-by-step instructions, I help keep you on task and make sure you go home with a beautiful, completed project! Be inspired! Amaze yourself! Have FUN and PAINT!

Welcome to Oodles of Doodles Painting Parties!

Who knew when my daughter gifted me with a birthday paint night that I would discover a new passion and love for painting?  I was one of those "I can only draw stick figures" people, so I was amazed when I walked away with something recognizable!

I was hooked!  And as time went by, I began to ask, "Why not bring this awesome experience to my friends and community?" After an enormous amount of encouragement and help from my family and friends, O
odles of Doodles Painting Parties was born!  I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all my family and friends that convinced me to "take that leap of faith" !  I have to admit, I LOVE what I do! 

And I want to thank all of you that continue to paint with me in your homes, businesses, churches, as I relocate to the beautiful state of Michigan!  I have delighted in painting with each and everyone one you and watching as that sense of awe and accomplishment comes across your faces!  It is amazing and inspiring!

But above all, I'd like to thank the Lord, for it is through Him, all things are possible...and remember, "It's more than just a painting, it's a gift of time!"

Much Love,



"Lots and lots of fun and I have no artistic talent but she walks you through step by step and you can mess up and fix it!! Great time!!!"

phone pic spring 2017 068.JPG
me painting.jpg

Kristy Pederson Guess

"Thanks Carla. This was was so much fun. I love the layers for dimension😄"

Charlene Allsbury

"Had a great time creating this mixed media project tonight! Thank you so much!! Can't wait to paint another one!!"

"I had such an amazing time last nite for my bday from Lori and Dan! It is always an adventure with my beautiful daughter!!! Thanks so much for the wine, painting and dinner, it was a blast! But the best part was spending time with my beautiful, sweet girl!! Love you to the moon, Lori Ann!"

"I love you so much! I always have so much fun with you! You are so wonderful and funny and sweet and lovely! I am so happy that we were able to celebrate your birthday right with happiness, fun, wine and art!! <3 You just make my heart smile!!" Lori Ann

Cheryl Johnson

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